With everything comes the good and the bad. With angora rabbits, it’s just plain ridiculous. While I do love our rabbit, she drives me absolutely bonkers at the same time. Let me explain…

8 Reasons Why I Love (and hate) My Angora Rabbit

Reasons Why I Love My Angora Rabbit

She’s adorable

How can you look at this face and not be filled with love and amazement that such a creature exists? Sometimes I feel like I have some mythical creature like an Ewok or a Mogwai living in my home. I could spend hours just marveling at her adorableness. But I don’t, because that would be a huge waste of time. I still need to have a life!

8 Reasons why I love (and hate) my angora rabbit

She’s loving and sweet

When she’s not running away and hiding from the crazy redhead that just wants to love her and hug her and squeeze her forever, she can be a very loving pet. Sometimes she’ll allow me to hold her and pet her for minutes at a time, although I’m starting to suspect it’s only for the ego boost. When she’s sitting in my lap allowing me to adorn her with kisses and love, she’s at her best, this is almost enough to make me forget how she is when she’s at her worst. Read on…

Angora rabbit pros and cons

She provides me with wool

A knitter is always in need of more yarn. Even when her yarn bins are overflowing and she finds balls of yarn stuck between the couch cushions, still she needs more. When you have an Angora rabbit in your house, you can always make more yarn. The possibilities are endless! Dollypop’s wool is the softest and warmest anywhere in the land, and the fact that it’s pure white means you can easily dye it to any shade. This is why it’s not just her adorable-ness but her usefulness that makes me love her.

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8 Reasons why I love (and hate) my angora rabbit

She makes me more popular

You roll into any party with this cutie in your arms, and you’ll be insta-friends with everyone there. Of course, these new friends only like me for my rabbit, but it’s something, isn’t it? I haven’t met a soul yet who isn’t absolutely astounded that such a creature exists. Friends always ask to see her when they come over and squeal with excitement when she enters the room. She truly is the queen of this household, and I, her humble servant.

8 Reasons why I love (and hate) my angora rabbit

Reasons Why I Hate My Angora Rabbit

She thinks she’s better than me

I can see it in her eyes. She knows people only come over to our house to see her and loves to rub her popularity and beauty in my face. I’m just her human slave, only good for untangling her glorious snow white hair and cleaning up her poop trails. Just look at that face! You can’t look at that expression and not see a pompous rabbit who looks down on her slovenly human housemate.

8 Reasons why I love (and hate) my angora rabbit

 She’s a lot of work

Every week the little princess gets a 2 hour spa session. I can’t even remember the last time I had a two hour spa session, but this darling rabbit needs one weekly. Why? The key to her power and attraction- her woolly mane of beautiful fuzz gets matted if it isn’t brushed and blown out regularly.

The blowing is the worst part. I have to use a high intensity pet blower (basically a very powerful reverse vacuum) to push out all the bits of dander and loose hair that accumulate on her in a week, and there is a lot. The disgusting white powder and globs of fur fly out of her and directly onto me, making me look like a bag of flour exploded on my head.

8 Reasons why I love (and hate) my angora rabbit

She’s destructive

We used to have a glorious, vintage orange couch in the room that Dolly lives in. Used to.  She scratched at the seats until she’d made giant holes in each one, exposing the springs and stuffing inside. Then she filled the hole with poop and every time I would go to visit her, she’d be sitting all high and mighty in the poop cave, glaring at me.

She also somehow magically jumped five feet into the air in order to knock over four (count em’ FOUR) of our window planters that were full of spinach (which was just ready to harvest), then proceeded to eat every bit of vegetation and take a dirt bath in the remains. She did this in the course of one hour. You can read the whole story here.

We also used to have a carpet in that room. And walls. And a floor. Okay, she’s not THAT bad, but she has destroyed everything in that room that is destroyable and everything that’s not, she simply poops on and walks away. Speaking of poop… 8 Reasons why I love (and hate) my angora rabbit

She’s a poop machine

Seriously. Poop everywhere. EVERYWHERE! If she walks six inches, there’s six little turds left in her path. When she’s running and hopping they shoot out of her like rockets. Poop rockets. I’ve considered putting a diaper on her, but that would make me hate her more because it would mean more work for me. Refer back to hate reason #1.

8 Reasons why I love (and hate) my angora rabbit

In all seriousness, I adore Dolly and the good makes up for the bad (most of the time). To all the fierce animal lovers out there, I’m one of you, don’t go chasing me down with pitchforks and torches over a post that was clearly written in jest. And just so you know… If you do come knocking on my door with a pitchfork in hand, I will force you to use it to clean my chicken coop.

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