It has been a LONG time since I’ve written! Wow. I’m sorry for the lack of updates lately. We do have big news though! We’ve finally found our new house and we’re in the process of creating a woodland homestead!

Things are progressing quickly around here. The last update I wrote, In Limbo, detailed how we were looking at houses and basically waiting for the right thing to come along. We couldn’t move forward and we couldn’t move back, all we could do was wait. It was excruciating!

Well, all that waiting and hoping finally paid off. We have moved to a wonderful cabin in the woods on ten acres of property. It’s a dream come true.

We have epic numbers of sugar maples on our property that we’ll be tapping come spring. There’s a large creek that runs through the back of the property, which Nico is loving wading in on a daily basis. We spent months carving trails through the wild land and finding endless new discoveries about our incredible piece of heaven.

We’ve been spending the past few months unpacking boxes, hanging artwork, tending to our new land, and enjoying living out in the country.

Homestead updates:

We’re deep into the long upstate NY winter, and while everything outside is frozen and coated in snow, we’re planning for spring. Things will really get crazy with the arrival of sheep, new chicks and bees! We’ve been ready to expand our little homestead for so long, and we’re so excited to get started!

We already plotted out our gardens last summer but won’t actually get to plant until next spring. Our new garden is already looking amazing. We’re building it from scratch using saplings woven between fence posts for a gorgeous rustic fence.

The chickens absolutely adore living in the woods. They go out to free range every day, scratching around on the forest floor. I’ve seen them hunting frogs and grasshoppers, chasing moths, and digging for worms in the rich humus of the forest floor. They’re in heaven. We’ve taken on a couple of foster chickens who belong to our dear friends who are working on building their own homestead from the ground up. We’re loving their sweet birds, and they’re very photogenic!

The best part of our new homestead is the wood stove. I’ve been cozying up next to it every night with a good book and a cup of tea. We’re learning about how to raise sheep and how to build a woodland homestead.

Speaking of sheep, I got a spinning wheel for Christmas! My parents got this beauty for me and I’ve been loving learning how to spin. We’re really excited to add some sheep to our homestead so we can create our own knits from fleece to sweater.

Nico and the gang:

Nico is also loving the property. She’s already seen more of it than we have, as she takes herself on woodland adventures every day. She romps through the forest chasing wild critters and takes a dip in the creek daily.

Our sweet kitty Moose passed away a few months after we moved to the new house. He had a long existing heart condition and it took him from us quickly and without warning. He’s now resting peacefully under the big maple trees in the front yard. We miss him every day but are glad we got to spend five good years with our boy.

We’ve since added a new family member, named Ripley, who we adopted at the local shelter. She’s a total sweetheart and fits perfectly into the family. She’s very happy to be out of the animal shelter and is loving curling up next to our wood stove just as much as I am!



I have my studio back up and running and am producing work again! I’ve been putting new chicken mugs up on the Etsy shop and will soon get back to making monsters and robots as well.

I’m really loving the new colors I’ve been trying out, and the mugs now come in a 16 ounce size that’s perfect for coffee lovers!

That’s it for now folks, I hope to be updating much more frequently here in the coming months. There will be lots of exciting new things going on here at ImaginAcres, so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so you can keep up!

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