A lot of the wacky things that go on here at ImaginAcres are experimental.  We’re still within the first two years of homesteading and we’re still learning from every experience.  This is what makes it fun.  Even when things fail, it was fun to try.

One of my most recent experiments was an attempt to grow spinach indoors in the dead of Winter.  And you know what?  I succeeded!  We have a glorious sun room on the second level of our house.  It faces Southward and has big old windows all the way around.  In the summer time I grow a lot of our potted plants in this herb haven.  They love the sunlight and lack of leaf eating insects.  In the winter this room gets plenty of light, but its lack of insulation makes it mighty chilly.  Most of our plants move downstairs for the Winter.

In the late Autumn I started wondering if I could grow cold weather crops in the sun room and have fresh produce in the dead of Winter.  I grabbed an old window box from our shed and dumped some soil and compost inside.  Tiny little spinach seeds were carefully poked into the soil.  I moved it into the sun room and waited.

Nothing happened.

The soil was a bit dry so I watered it and waited again.  Still nothing.  Then a light bulb went off.  Literally!  I realized I needed to warm the soil in order for the seeds to germinate.  Our handy dandy brooder lamp came to the rescue! I clipped it to the box, turned it on and waited once again.  Victory!! After a few days, tiny little greenies were popping up out of the soil.

Grow vegetables in a window box

I took care of the little babies for weeks, they grew and they grew.  They’re finally at baby spinach size and in a few short weeks they’ll be ready to go outside and experience the real world.  So, it’s official, you really can grow spinach in a window box!

Spinach in containers

Those of you who follow these posts know that we’ve had our fair share of garden failures so it’s nice to have something work out right once in a while.

Things, however, couldn’t work out right for too long.  It wouldn’t be our adventure if everything went the way it was supposed to.  Find out what happened to our spinach JUST before it was ready for picking on Meet the new Addition!

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