The other day I was in the front yard, watering the Cascade hops climbing up our front porch.

I was completely lost in thought, dreaming about the crisp, hoppy beers to be consumed from our very own garden.

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Suddenly from behind me there was a quiet voice…

“Excuse me?”

I turned around to see one of the neighborhood folk with her tiny little lap dog.

“Hi there!” I said.
“Could you answer a strange question for me?”
“Ummm, I can try…” I responded.

I braced myself for the question. Due to our tiny urban homestead, we’ve gotten quite a few bizarre inquires from neighbors.

“Do you have chickens in your backyard?” she said somewhat apprehensively.
“Oh yeah, we have for years!” I smiled
“Oh thank God!” she shouted

My extremely puzzled and confused feelings must have shown on my face because then she said-

“I walk by your house every day with my dog and one day I could have sworn I saw a chicken go running by in your backyard!” 

She took a pause to laugh maniacally.

“…but when I did a double take, it was gone! I thought I lost my mind!  I’ve been looking ever since and haven’t seen another one!”

At this I had to laugh. The thought of countless neighbors parading past our house and thinking they were losing their mind because of phantom chicken sightings was just too much.

“Well, you’re not crazy! Our birds are pretty good at hide and seek!” 
“Oh I’m so glad to hear that!” She laughed and went on her way.

After too many hilarious interactions like this, it’s become increasingly clear to me that we truly are the neighborhood entertainment.

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