A lot of our plants are started indoors since we have such a short growing season here in New York.  Never being one to spend precious cash on unnecessary items, I use everything imaginable for starter pots.  About a month ago I started saving up recyclables for this purpose.  Tuna cans, shoe boxes, newspapers, toilet paper tubes, pretty much anything that can hold soil and a seed. Starter pots are expensive, and using recycled containers for gardening is totally free!

Save Money Gardening:  Start Seeds in Recyclables!

I even used some egg shells this year as seed starting pots.  God knows we have plenty of those laying around.  I started some sunflowers in the egg shells, having completely forgotten about how incredibly, unbelievably fast they grow.  I mean, we’re talking Jack’s bean stalk fast here.  I’m pretty sure these things are going to take over my bathroom before I can even get them outside!  Just a week after sticking them in soil, they’re already several inches tall.  Yikes.

Save money gardening: Start seeds in recyclables

I used an egg carton to start my pepper seeds. When the little seedlings are ready to go outside I’ll gently tear the carton apart and plant each section right into the garden. The cardboard will compost away in the soil.

Save money gardening: Start seeds in recyclables'

Home made newspaper pots worked perfectly to start squash. There are tons of tutorials on how to make newspaper pots all over the internet. They work really well and you can plant them right in the ground!

Save money gardening: Start seeds in recyclables


And the toilet paper tubes are holding onto my tomato seeds for me. When it comes time to plant outside I’ll tear away the tubes and pop the plants in the ground.

Save money gardening: Start seeds in recyclables

We’ve also been growing herbs and spinach in the sun room for a few months now. Starting spinach indoors allows us to get several extra harvests!

What’s germinating in your neck of the woods?

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