So, I changed the name of our rabbit.  Naming pets is such a difficult thing to do.  I changed the name of our cat five times before deciding on Moose.  Hopefully this will be the only change for our dear bunny, I don’t want her to go through an identity crisis!

I decided Brewster sounded like a manly man name and instead named her Dollypop, by the suggestion of a friend on Facebook.  It’s the name of dandelion flowers when they go to seed.   Perfect for our little white puffball!  I’ve been calling her Dolly for short.

Dolly had her first outdoor adventure last week!  This came the day after a visit to Tractor Supply, where I found a rabbit sized harness.  By the way, have you people been to Tractor Supply before?? It’s like farmer’s heaven.  When I was a kid (or, maybe, until a few years ago (((shameface))) I thought this place literally only sold tractors.  I’m so glad I was wrong on that assumption.  I spent over an hour in this store wishing I was a billionaire so I could spend all my money on farming necessities and cute John Deere outfits for my nephew.

ANYWAY…  I found my rabbit sized harness, and tried desperately to find a rabbit sized stake to put in the ground, but the only ones there were made for giant, man-eating dogs and went approximately six feet into the depths of Hell with a scary, torturous looking metal corkscrew.  Instead of going overboard with one of those, I dug through the ‘tractor supplies’ and found this little dealy that worked perfectly to tie the little devil up outside.  I’m sure it is literally meant to be hooked to a tractor, but who’s to say it can’t be a multipurpose piece of steel?  I could see the utter confusion on the cashiers face when I approached her with one single tractor thinger, a tiny harness, a pile of sticky fly traps, and a book about gardening.

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When I got home I struggled with the little darling for about ten minutes trying to get this stupid thing attached to her.  She was NOT impressed. After coating my arms in scratches and wild escape attempts, I finally got it all the way around her and out into the world she went.  She thanked me by digging ferociously in a pile of dirt and promptly turning her white hair brown.

All in all, I think she had a good time enjoying the fresh air and devouring every plant within the ring of leash-allowance.  I just love her silly little face.  I also love that I have to push back a curtain of fur just to see it! What a cutie.

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