I have a new found respect for professional livestock photographers.  Attempting to get photographs of three energetic and anxious little birds was quite a chore.  One of them was screaming frantically the entire time.  Another decided that it would be best if she explored what was just on the other side of the table ledge (I did manage to grab her before she fell to her doom).

The third would not face forward. At all.  I would turn her around and she’d turn back to face the wall.  She just stood there the entire time and stared at it, as if it was the most interesting wall she’d ever seen in her two day old life.  In fact, it was the most interesting wall she’d ever seen, because it was the only wall she’d ever seen.

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This job would have been much more manageable if I had a professional chicken wrangler to assist me, or perhaps some itty bitty sedatives for the little darlings.  Out of almost 150 photos, I only have ONE photo where all three chicks are facing the same direction and are in focus.  The majority of them feature one chick in focus with the other two showing up as big blurs moving in opposite directions.

When all was said and done, I did get some adorable shots, and I promptly rewarded myself with a cold beer.  The chickens were rewarded by having the utter joy of returning to their brooder.  The big, bad, scary world is a bit much for those little nuggets sometimes.

And these are some of the attempts at getting a shot of all three. This much movement honestly took place in about 1.5 minutes.  When you’re a chicken you never, ever stop moving. It’s a cardinal sin.

These little chicken nuggets are just so much fun!