Today is our two year wedding anniversary. I can hardly believe it’s already been that long since I married the absolute love of my life, it feels like just yesterday! I’m sure I’ll still be saying that ten years from now…

Looking back on our wedding pictures today had me teary eyed and smiling at the amazing memories made on that day.

I wanted to share them with you dear readers today, along with some stories from our day.

I hope you enjoy!

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Our farm wedding was everything we dreamed it would be... beautiful setting, amazing flowers, and of course goats!

The Love Birds:

Mike and I met in the summer of 2011, introduced by two of our best friends at an outdoor music festival. We hit it off immediately, both being artists, writers, and teachers, we had a lot to talk about!

Just two weeks after we met we went away to a festival together where we professed our love to each other under the stars. Mike still says that he knew he was desperately in love with me when he saw me eating a green pepper like an apple. Hah!

We moved in together six months after that, and half a year later, returned to the same festival to celebrate our love.

He took me on a moonlit picnic, where we ate cheese and drank wine under the stars. He asked me to grab some more cheese out of the picnic basket and when I turned back, he had a green pepper in hand, with an engagement ring inside. He sang me our song, altering the words into a proposal, then said the sweetest things and asked me to be his wife. Through many tears of joy, I of course said yes!

One year after that day, we exchanged vows and became husband and wife. A whirlwind romance it was, and continues to be!

Photos by Lisa Barker Photography

The Setting:

As aspiring farmers, we wanted to have a farm wedding, the only question was, where? We didn’t have our farm yet and didn’t know anyone with enough property to hold our ever growing guest list. A few google searches led me to Becker Farms, a beautiful vineyard and farm outside of Buffalo.

It was the first and only wedding venue we visited. Both of us fell in love with the place immediately and knew it was perfect. We were also very excited to learn that all of the wine and beer to be served at our wedding would be made in house, and all of the food would either come from the farm, or from a neighboring farm. Local goods for the win!

We really couldn’t have picked a better location. Our guests were free to roam the lands during their stay, petting goats and llamas, chasing chickens, and strolling through the vineyard. The beautiful backdrop also made for some great photo ops!

Photos by Lisa Barker Photography

The Ceremony:

One of our good friends was ordained so that he could perform our ceremony, it was so wonderful to be married by someone we love and trust.

The ceremony was complete with readings from our mothers, handwritten vows, and the exchange of our specially made wood and titanium rings from Wedgewood Rings.

We also performed a handfasting ceremony, which was so incredible. Each member of our wedding party and our parents each received a handwoven rope of a different color. I had made the ropes using important and sentimental cloths from both of our lives.

Each color represented a different facet of our new lives together, and that facet was read aloud while each rope was tied around both of our hands by our loved ones. We ended up with a very colorful knot of love around both of our wrists. It was so special and remarkable, people still talk about it!

Our farm wedding was everything we dreamed it would be... beautiful setting, amazing flowers, and of course goats!

The Flowers:

Our flowers were put together by a local florist who grows all of her flowers on her farm, fields and fields full of beautiful blooms! When she asked what types of flowers I wanted I told her as long as it’s colorful it didn’t matter to me!

She came up with the most gorgeous assortment of blooms, and they were set in mason jars just hours before the big event. We had lots of help from family and friends to set the scene before the guests arrived, and good thing because we couldn’t have done it without them!

My parents made us the cutest little planter for our sweetheart’s table, complete with stones in our wedding colors and my favorite, succulents!

Photos by Lisa Barker Photography

The Favors:

I wanted to make something really nice for our guests to remember our wedding, and being a ceramic artist, I thought mugs would be a great choice.

When I first started throwing mugs on the wheel eight years ago, I accidentally bumped one while taking it off, and noticed it looked very much like a heart. Love Mugs were born, and I’ve continued making them ever since.

It took me four weeks to produce 250 mugs, one for each guest at our wedding. Each mug is uniquely shaped and colored. It was a lot of work, but so worth it. We still see them in use when visiting friends, such fun!

Photos by Lisa Barker Photography

The Party:

The reception was mind blowingly awesome. I wish it went on forever! We had a folk group called The Ruddy Well Band start the party off with their rockin’ tunes.

There was much dancing, including on tables, ending in a giant circle of love for a sing-a-long to Bohemian Rhapsody. Even the free ranging chickens came into the party barn to see what was going on, and snag a few snacks from generous guests.

After all the partying we settled around a big bonfire to relax and eat s’mores before finally calling it a night.

Photos by Lisa Barker Photography

Two Years Later:

We’re still going strong and very much in love. We still wish we could live that day all over again, but hey, there’s always anniversary parties!

We’re preparing for the next stage in our life, the purchase of our farmstead! Our hope is to turn ImaginAcres into a farming destination for weddings, farm to table dinners, and rockin’ parties. We want to provide guests to our farm the same abundance of fun, love, and entertainment that we had at our own wedding.

Wish us luck! :)

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