In honor of Mother’s Day, I feel compelled to share a bit of Little Carl’s brood and what they’ve been up to this week.

It’s fascinating to watch Little Carl take care of her chicks.  She’s the same ferocious, insane, LOUD bird that she always was, except now all of those qualities have been intensified with motherhood.  She is straight up crazy pants.  I even caught her snapping at our older chicks because they got too close to her precious babies.  What kind of a monster bites baby chicks?!  But I suppose that’s just what it takes to be a chicken Momma.

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Last week she taught the little darlings how to take a dust bath.  I have no idea why someone would need to be taught how to shake and shimmy in a pile of dirt, but ya know, that’s chickens.  Every time I see her chicks imitating something that she’s doing my heart just melts.  It’s like tiny Little Carl’s, four versions of mini me.

I managed to get the whole thing on video and tried real hard not to giggle all the way through it.

After shimmying around in the dirt, babies decided they were cold and tired, so their Momma obligingly squatted down so they could scurry between her scaly legs.

Little Carl practically doubled in size with the mass of four chicks beneath her.

They only allowed me to snap a few photos before they became seriously offended by the constant motion and clicking and moved their fluffy butts to a new location.  The little chicks are getting so very big!

Until next time, happy trails!


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