Ahhhh… it’s so very nice to have chicks peeping away in my bathroom again.

…I just realized how easily misconstrued that statement could be for someone who found this blog while searching for human chicks…


We have eleven new chicklets that have joined our little urban farm.  Six of them are only here temporarily, as they’ll be heading to their new home with our friends down the street as soon as they feather out.

The five that we’re hanging on to are being raised by our sweet little Silkie, Mokey.  For those of you who don’t know- Mokey was named after the quiet, sweet, hippie muppet on Fraggle Rock.  They share a strange resemblance in style and demeanor.

We hatched out the chicks in an incubator and after they’d spent a night in the brooder getting used to walking and doing other chicken things, we decided to introduce them to their new Momma.

Mokey had hatched out one chick herself (the other eggs under her didn’t hatch) so she was very confused when we showed up with four more for her.  We set the wiggling little bunch down next to her and waited in anticipation for something to happen.  For awhile they all just looked at each other, then the chicks started peeping nervously amongst themselves.

easter egger and wyandotte chick

mokey and baby chick

Mokey made cute little Momma sounds at them that sounded like the chicken equivalent of purring. The babies were so utterly confused and couldn’t seem to figure out how to handle this giant chicken.  Eventually they got chilly and one brave little soul made the first attempt to bury herself under Mokey.  There was no resistance from Momma and before we knew it, all four little babes had disappeared under their new caretaker.

chick hiding under mom

chick under hen's wing

Today I took some photos of the happy little family.  Mokey showed the babies how to eat chick food, and how not to eat wood shavings.  They all pranced around her, utterly amazed at everything there was to see.  I can’t wait to take them all outside.  Come on warm weather!

I also managed to steal away some of the babies for a quick photo shoot.  Some of them were completely freaked out and peeped the whole time, others just stood there and stared around in a daze.


two chicks

gray easter egger chick

two baby chicks

baby chicks

This little darling is my favorite chick of all.  I’m not even going to pretend like I don’t pick favorites.  This little babe has been my number one ever since she hatched.  She was fascinated by my voice while she was still in the incubator.  The other chicks would all ignore me as I gleefully exclaimed things at them in my human voice.

Not this little one.  She would stand up as tall as she could and crane her neck so she could see me out of the window.  Ever since then we’ve been best buds.  Whenever I hold her she stands up as tall as she can to get her face as close to me as possible.  Yesterday she made a nest out of my ridiculously curly hair and slept there while I worked.


baby easter egger

striped easter egger chick

easter egger

She’s mighty cute, and her coloring reminds me of a chipmunk.

So, friends, what shall we name her?