The very first time I made butter I searched through seemingly endless websites and blogs that all droned on about the butter making process.

Why? I wondered… why doesn’t someone make an easy to read, simple guide on butter making?

After all, making butter is one of the simplest things in the world, why must the instructions be so complicated? 

Well, they mustn’t be. All that boring butter reading inspired me to make a visual guide to butter making, for your viewing pleasure.

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How to Make Butter: A Visual Guide

If you’d like to download and print this guide for your own personal use, you can download the PDF here: How to make butter: A visual guide

Please do not use this for commercial purposes. To do so would be considered copyright infringement, and seriously uncool.

If you need to read a post that shows you step by step with photos on how to make butter, this post from my wonderful friend Homestead Lady is a great one, and it’s NOT boring!

 How to Make Butter by The Homestead Lady

So, you’ve got a thing for butter?

Then these delightful items are perfect for your butter making ventures…

Books on Butter:

Better Butter Keepers:

Kitchenaid Mixer, make your butter dreams come true…

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