This time of life can only be characterized as being in limbo. Our tiny urban parcel has met it’s limits of homestead abilities. We’ve stretched it to the max with chickens, rabbits, vegetables, fruit, hops, and maple tapping.

We’ve gone as far as we can go and now it’s time to move on, move up.

There are many reasons I haven’t posted here lately, one of which being that my free time has been spent finishing my book, Patio Raptors, which you can now purchase here!

Another big reason is that we’re prepping for a big move, and boy, is it intense.

We’re actively searching for our forever farm. We’re ready to expand our lives to the next level. Ready for goats, ready for orchards, ready for pastures and woods and fields.

The only thing standing in our way is time. We have to wait until the right piece of land pops up.

We’ve been getting the house ready to sell, which means tearing out the gardens we’ve worked so hard to build. Painting over the character and charm we’ve put into this home. Boxing up our memories and packing away our lives.

A change of this magnitude is confusing, exciting, and crazy. We’ll be walking away from our first homestead, our first home together, but we’re doing it for a good reason. 

We’re moving on up!