We had record breaking high temperatures today of 52 degrees.  That’s unheard of in Rochester in January.  Expecially considering at this time last week we had record breaking low temperatures of -32 degrees.  Quite a jump in weather! No wonder everyone got sick.

The chickens, Nico, and I took advantage of the nice weather and spent some time in the backyard.  The ladies have been cooped up (literally) for weeks because of the snow and cold.  They were ecstatic to get out of the run and into the yard for some free range time.  When I opened the door all I could see was a flurry of feathers as they jumped and flapped their way outta there.

They made their way into the mud pit we call our backyard and had a blast digging through the dirt for insects and seeds.

I managed to get some action shots of our leghorn, Foghorn, scratching through the leaves



Daisy certainly enjoyed her fun in the sun.


Pretty Dee-Dee, in a very rare pose for the camera

Dee Dee

Mokey, our Bantam Silkie got super muddy and loved every minute of it.

Bantam Silkie

Would you even know this was a photo of a chicken if I didn’t tell you?

Chickens free ranging

Find anything good, Taco?

Free range chickens

In photos like these, it’s very clear that we’re free ranging our chickens in the middle of the city.  I try to keep the various city scenes out of my shots, but it’s not always possible.  So… wave to my neighbors everyone! God knows they’re staring out their windows at the crazy chicken lady with her camera!

Buff Orpington

Hi, Little Carl, have you been eating mud again??


Buff Chantecler

Are you sure??



Frenchie, doing her thing.


Muddy little chicken feet…

Daisy wanted to be a chicken model too.

Free range chickens

Rosie spent most of her time in her usual spot, surveying her kingdom from above.  Rosie is part Rhode Island Red, it really shows in this photo!


That’s all for now! If you want to read more about the personalities of our individual chickens, you can meet Rosie here or read Taco’s Story here.  Dee Dee’s tale is coming tomorrow, watch out for it!

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