I’m very excited to announce the very first ImaginAcres knitting pattern!

I love it because it’s simple and quick to knit, but doesn’t look it! Ours is currently feeling very at home in our colorful bathroom where it lives with a tribe of gnomes. I’m sure they all talk about me while I’m sleeping.

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Anyway… since this is the first pattern, I’ve made it free for personal use, but please don’t use it commercially, or contact me first if you have a special circumstance.

For those of you who would like to print it, here’s the PDF version of the pattern:

Fox Tea Towel Pattern

If any of you lovely readers do make it, please post some photos on our Facebook page or on Ravelry, I would LOVE to see them!

So without further ado, the pattern! Foxy Tea Towel Pattern


~ 1 set US #8/5.0mm knitting needles

~ Tapestry needle

~ Button of your choice

~ 2’x2’ terrycloth or cotton fabric for backing

~ 1 skein each of Sugar n’ Cream yarn in the following colors

 Now that you have your goodies ready, let’s get started!

Fox Tea Towel Pattern

Knitting Pattern:

Cast on 40 stitches in main color (MC)

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: Purl

Row 3: Begin chart, starting on row 1, in bottom right hand corner

Continue chart, knitting on the right side, purling on the wrong side until finished

Fox Tea Towel Pattern

If you’d like for this to be a simple washcloth, you can stop right here and bind off.

For the tea towel, forge ahead!


Knit 21 rows in stockinette stitch

Begin decreases:

K2tog, knit across row, k2tog

Purl across row

Repeat these two rows until 20 stitches remain


Form buttonhole* in the middle of the piece and knit to end of row

 *Buttonhole placement will vary for everyone, depending on the size of your button.

If you’ve never made a buttonhole before, there are some wonderful tutorials on Youtube (I used this one).

Fox Tea Towel Pattern


Knit 15 rows in stockinette stitch

Continue Decreases:

K2tog, knit across row, k2tog

Purl across row

Repeat these two rows until 2 stitches remain

Bind off


Sew your chosen button onto the end of the piece on the wrong side

Cut and sew your chosen fabric to the back of the piece. This step is optional, but it does make the piece look more finished and keeps the edges from curling.

Fox Tea Towel Pattern

Finally: Hang that tea towel in your kitchen and enjoy!

Fox Tea Towel Pattern

I hope you all enjoyed this fun pattern. I’m totally addicted to pattern making and there will be more to come in the near future, including a cute foxy beanie.

If you’re really into knitting, I totally recommend checking out Craftsy’s online knitting classes. You can watch anytime and learn useful skills from true masters. Click the link below to see which knitting classes they offer!

This knitting pattern is protected under copyright law. Personal use is just fine and dandy, but please refrain from using this pattern or any of these photos commercially.

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