Wow… it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. Summer is always so busy with gardening and homesteading, it’s hard to find time to write!

I was clearing out my camera today and found tons of spectacular flock photos to share with you all.

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It amazes me how beautiful these creatures are close up. The intricacies of their feathering, the speckles in their eyes, you can see every detail with a macro lens.

We let the flock out to free range as much as possible this summer. They spend hours upon hours searching for bugs, picking at weeds, and trying to find creative new ways to get into the garden.

Gandalf the Grey was particularly photogenic for these flock photos. She doesn’t let me get anywhere near her without screaming and crying, but a telephoto lens helped me to capture her beauty from afar.

The hens have decided that the mulch pit beneath our herb garden is the perfect place for dust baths. They all pile in there at once and push and shove each other as they vie for the dustiest spots.

These two sisters look identical, we can only tell them apart through their personalities. One is quiet, shy, and flighty, the other needy, clingy, and personable.

Taco is from the first batch of chicks we ever got. She’s loud and obnoxious but I love her so, and think she’s so beautiful with her giant fluffy butt!

Penelope, otherwise known as Henny Penny or Penny Lane, is also unbelievably beautiful, and she knows it too!

That’s all for now folks! I promise I’ll be posting more often, so look for another post this week about what I’ve been up to in the studio!

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