Our fuzzy little babies are growing fast.  At two weeks old we were finally able to take them outside for a little fresh air.  I can’t imagine having to live inside a box for two weeks with no one but my sisters to keep me company, constantly picking at my toes and jumping on top of me while I’m sleeping. 

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But alas, that’s the life of a baby chicken.  Their only forms of entertainment are the following:

Kicking all of their food out of the bowl and throwing a fit because it’s empty

Pecking at the sides of their box and listening to the echoes

Playing king of the mountain on their water dish

Flying out of their box and screaming frantically because they’re all alone in a new land and can’t find their way back home.

Their lives are actually quite dramatic and each activity is more exciting than the last.  This is how I knew taking them into the great outdoors would be quite the adventure.

I kept the rest of the flock locked up in the run while I took the little ones out.  Through the fence they kept a very close eye on these new babies that were stealing my attention.  They squawked indignantly the entire time.

I took Benny out first all by herself.  She spent the first ten minutes crawling all over me, terrified to touch the ground.  She sat on my shoulder and surveyed the scene.

I placed her gently on the ground and she let out a shrill yell before hopping back in my lap and staring at the offensive dirt like it was a pool of lava.  I put her down again and she realized that this terrifying new place had about ten million new things to peck at.

She picked up bits of sand, stone, dirt, and even an ant or two, all the while staring around her like a maniac, expecting to be killed at any second.  It must be terrifying to be so tiny in such a huge world.

Marley joined Benny a few minutes later and after sitting on my lap for awhile, decided to join her sister in the pecking frenzy.  They chatted to each other in their chicken talk, exclaiming uncontrollably every time they found a new tasty morsel.  It’s amazing how flock mentality occurs even at such a young age. They scratched around in the soil and discovered as much as they could about this new environment, all the while keeping a watchful eye for predators.

These little ladies had a blast outside, and only had one truly terrifying moment where they decided to investigate where all that racket was coming from and were quickly scared away by the big birds

All in all, it was a good first experience for the babies, and I’m sure they’re looking forward to the chance to get back out there.

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