Upstate New York has been positively dumped on by snow clouds this week. The chickens have been cooped up for over a week and were starting to get mighty bored. I bought them a flock block, which helped to keep them from picking on each other. They still needed a bit of recreation and fresh air.

Chickens are not very big fans of stepping in cold, wet snow with their dainty little feet. Knowing this, I shoveled out a small patch of the patio so they could come out without getting immediately buried over their heads in 15 inches of snow.

I bribed them out of their warm, dry coop with some black oil sunflower seeds sprinkled onto the ground. They came running and flying out the door in a massive jumble of feathers and feet, gobbling up the treats and soaking up the sun.

I took the opportunity to snap some photos of the flock, focusing mostly on our new members, the Easter Eggers and Bantam Wyandotte.

A wintery photo series from Imaginacres

Our flock of chickens had a great time romping in the snow

Chickens romping in the snow

Our flock of chickens having fun in the snow

Our chickens had a photo shoot in the snow

Nico loves playing in the snowy landscape with her chicken friends

Nico enjoyed the snow day too, but spent all her time chasing squirrels.

I hope you all enjoyed this photo series. I’ll be sure to snap some new photos after our next foot of snow falls tomorrow.

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