Yesterday I was standing next to our chicken run taking some close up photos of our pretty ladies inside when I heard a voice from behind me.

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I spun around and saw someone watching me through the fence.  I asked what he had said, and here’s how that conversation transpired:

“How are your chickens?”

“Oh, they’re fine.”

“You’re taking pictures of them?”

“Yeah, I take pictures of them and post them online, my friends like to see them.”

“What kinds are they?”

“The chickens or my friends?”

“The Chickens”

“Oh we have some Dominiques, and those are Chantecleers, and those white ones are Leghorns”

“Why do you have them?”

“We keep them for their eggs, we use a lot of eggs for baking and cooking.”

“They lay eggs? What kind of eggs?”

“Well, all of them lay brown eggs except the white ones, who lay white eggs.”

“What do they look like?”

“Umm. Like the eggs you get at the grocery store”

“How big are they?”

“Oh they’re the same size as the ones you get in the store.”

***Confused look***


“Yes, the eggs you get at the store come from chickens just like these.”

***More confused stares, I could almost see the wheels turning in his head****

“Is that where chicken comes from too?”

“Yes, chicken meat comes from chickens, just like these.”

“Are you going to eat your chickens?”

“We have eaten a couple of them, they were roosters, which we’re not allowed to have in the city because they’re too loud.”

***Horrified look***

“Woah. I gotta… go.”

At that he hurried back into the house, probably to go search through Google for photos of what chicken eggs look like. From this conversation I’m sure you’re imagining a little kid asking these questions, but it was in fact a grown man who was visiting our neighbor for the day.  Our actual neighbors have already had all of these conversations with us and they know and respect what goes down in our backyard.

This talk with a stranger was one of the more comical and strange, but I always enjoy the chance to educate people when they show curiosity.  A lot of the people we talk to in the city just have no idea where their food comes from.  It blows their mind to learn about the plants growing in our garden and the chickens running in our yard.  Sometimes it makes me sad that so many city dwellers, and suburbanites alike, are so ignorant about how food gets from the Earth to their plate.  I like to think that these talks start to bridge the gap, and at least get them to start considering their food in a new way.  I can’t even imagine the conversations we would have if we had goats running around our yard!

Happy Trails!



Chicken talk with a very confused neighbor


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