I’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio and my creative juices have been overflowing! That sounds gross, but oh well.

I’ve been inspired by our little urban homestead and have started a new line of ceramic work that I’m super excited to show you all. The new work is based more on the natural world and I’m using really interesting shino glazes to give them a matte surface with a lot of texture and detail to the colors.

All of that to say, our Etsy shop is now fully stocked! Visit us here!

These fox mugs are my new favorites!

The fox mugs come in orange, brown, and saffron shades, and their cute little tails double as handles!

The new chicken mugs are super fun too!

What could be better than drinking your morning java out of a chicken mug?!

The chicken symbol is unglazed, leaving it matte and textured. The shino glazes really make it stand out by glistening inside the details. The extra large handle is comfortable for lady and man hands alike. 

The best part?! This mug has an Easter egg! Literally!

Nestled at the bottom of the mug is a tiny hidden nest full of eggs, that is revealed as you drink your favorite beverage.

If you’re interested in buying any of the new pieces, please check out our Etsy shop! They make wonderful gifts for fellow homesteading friends!