Our herb garden is raised to keep the chickens out and allow for easy harvesting.

In Limbo

This time of life can only be characterized as being in limbo. Our tiny urban parcel has met it’s limits of homestead abilities. We’ve stretched it to the max with chickens, rabbits, vegetables, fruit, hops, and maple tapping. We’ve gone as far as we can go and now it’s time…

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bees in package

Honey Bees Arrive at ImaginAcres (part one)

I held 10,000 honey bees between my hands. 10,000 little lives. 10,000 little stingers. The thought of opening the box was terrifying. I had visions of swarms of bees quickly overtaking my body, stinging me relentlessly. It’s amazing how easily your imagination can take over and leave no room for…

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