The Garden

Did you know making maple syrup is possible in urban areas? We tap the maple trees in our backyard every year and use a turkey fryer to boil the sap. Find out how here!

Dreaming of Springtime and Maple Syrup

Looking outside, into the wintery landscape, filled to the brim with snow and cold, it’s easy to slip into daydreams about springtime. These days, I oftentimes find myself scanning Pinterest for garden designs, and lost in thought over tiny chicks beginning their lives under their fluffy mommas. Most of all, I’m…

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How to pollinate squash by hand

How to Pollinate Squash by Hand

The Birds and the Bees in our neighborhood are dysfunctional.  They have a grand old time with our trumpet vine, but completely ignore our squash.  Poor, neglected squash.  This kind of behavior is not good for its delicate self-esteem. Last summer our squash grew like crazy, flowered like crazy, but…

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Save Money Gardening: Use Recycled Containers for Gardening

Starting seeds indoors can get expensive really quickly. This year we managed to use recycled containers for gardening, and germinated all of our seeds for practically free! Some recycled containers worked better than others, so I thought I’d share my experiences here so you can avoid the same mistakes. Full Disclosure:…

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