Some days are hard.

Some days really dig away at you until there’s nothing left to take.  Some days you just need to come home from work, sit on your back porch, pop open a beer, and watch the chickens.

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It’s the best stress relief a person could ask for. There’s just something about the way they galavant around the yard, flapping their happy little wings, gobbling up worms, and chatting away in their chicken talk.

It gives me such peace.

It really seems like no matter how rough my day has been, this brings me back to Earth.

Other than having food in their bellies and a warm place to sleep, our chickens want for nothing. They spend every day free and happy, doing exactly what it is they want to do.

We would all be lucky to live such a life. In the meantime, I’ll watch from my back porch, and settle into a moment of peace in my little slice of heaven.

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