There’s no better stress reliever than spending some quality time with a flock of chickens. It’s my go-to activity after a hard day.

Sitting on the soft grass while chickens mill around me, scratching for worms and chattering amongst themselves is so soothing.

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Bringing my trusty Nikon along allows me to see the world from a bird’s eye view, or rather a chicken’s eye view. I love taking photos of them from their level and seeing the world from their perspective.

The roosters always look so triumphant and powerful. When I’m standing up and looking down on the foot-and-a-half tall toughies, they don’t seem all that impressive, but from the perspective of a hen, I can see why these bad boys garner some respect.

These silkies just joined our flock in the spring from M&M Eggs. Taking close ups of them is my favorite, because they look so much like muppets with those crazy feathers. They’re very sweet but very dense, and take a lot of convincing to do the simplest things, such as walking through a door, or finding their food.

Sweet Bean has always been so photogenic. This was the last photo taken of her, as she passed on a few days later. Bean has always been special to us… when we hatched her from our incubator she came out with crooked toes. We straightened them by putting a bandaid on her foot. We spent a lot of time with Bean when she was a wee one, so she was always one of our sweetest birds. She definitely rocked the “resting bitch face” though… she looked real mean all the time, but had a calm and pleasant demeanor. We’ll miss our girl.

Bean the Ameracauna lays green eggs and has a sweet disposition

Now Taco, on the other hand, is a bird that looks mean, and actually is. Taco is the head hen in our flock and has been for quite some time. All the other birds look up to her and follow her example. Even the roosters won’t dare cross her, and run in fear every time Taco glances their way.

Taco the chicken is the head hen!

Our ducks are always very curious about my camera but stay far away from me while I hang out with the flock. I always catch them stealing glances at me, trying to figure out what in the world I’m up to. The ducks are by far the most antisocial creatures we have on the farm. If you get anywhere near them they’ll act like the whole world is coming to an end, scurrying away while quacking loudly and flapping their wings. These calm moments are few and far between!

Cayuga Duck

Next week I’ll be sharing photos from this past Spring, of our chicks and ducklings. I’m very glad that I took a lot of photos but then promptly forgot to post them anywhere, so be on the lookout next weekend for those goodies!