Eartheasy Vermicomposting Giveaway


Sooooo… you know how you’ve always wanted to have a big container full of worms in your home? Well, we’re making it real easy for you to do so with this fun vermicomposting giveaway! How it works: Vermicomposting is a great way to turn kitchen scraps and yard waste into nutrient rich fertilizer. The Worm Factory 360 is the ultimate…

The Great Chicken Caper

Patio Raptors The Coop

The Great Chicken Caper | ImaginAcres

I didn’t want to leave her outside. I wanted her to join the rest of her chicken family and get in the damn coop before I closed the door. But she wouldn’t listen. Chickens always think they know best. I had let the flock out to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air for a few hours before I had to…

The Ultimate Homemade Holiday: The Best DIY Gift Ideas


The Ultimate Homemade Holiday: Your Guide to 100+ Amazing Homemade Gifts!

We’re pretty crafty folks. My husband is an artist, and I’m a tad obsessed with knitting and getting messy with my art supplies. Lucky for us, many of our family members asked for handmade gifts this year! Nothing says love like a handmade gift. In the spirit of upcoming holidays we’ve decided to put together a list of our favorite…

The Super Scarf Knitting Pattern

Knitting The Woolery

Super Scarf Knitting Pattern | ImaginAcres

This lovely scarf is super fast to knit, super easy to make, and super cozy, therefore it has earned the name Super Scarf! I knit this scarf in about two hours, it’s perfect if you need a last minute gift and have some super bulky yarn laying around. Feel free to use this scarf knitting pattern for personal use, but…

Nico and the Chickens

Patio Raptors

Nico and the Chickens | ImaginAcres

We stood there staring at it. Tufts of gray fur and tiny rodent hands sticking up out of the scattered leaves and dying grass.  It had been slowly decomposing in our backyard for weeks, maybe months. We both looked at our psychotic Australian Shepherd charging at helpless trees with maniacal eyes and giant, toothy grin. Suddenly we understood why Nico…

The Chickens of ImaginAcres

Patio Raptors The Coop

Taco at ImaginAcres

Yesterday I spent an hour hanging out with my chickens in the backyard. I watched them frolic through the tall grass, and chase each other around the garden. I took the opportunity to practice using my new camera to capture their little personalities and quirks. I’d like to introduce you to our flock of insanity here at ImaginAcres. These little…

And then… there were five.

Patio Raptors The Barn


If you’re jumping into this tale late, you can catch up here: Part 1 and Part 2 Many of you have been following along on the plight and progress of Little Peanut on our Facebook page. You’ve cheered her on and sent your blessings. You’ve encouraged me to do my best to help her. I thank you all for being…

Attack of the Rats

Patio Raptors The Barn

Attack of the rats ~ImaginAcres

Continued from: How to Fail at Introducing Chicks to a Broody Hen I’m telling you, this most recent batch of chicks seems to have been doomed from the start. Before this batch we’ve never ever had problems raising chicks. We’ve raised them in brooders and outdoors in the coop with their momma. We’ve hatched them in incubators, we’ve hatched them…

How to Fail at Introducing Chicks to a Broody Hen

Patio Raptors The Barn

How to fail at introducing baby chicks to broody hen

Four weeks ago we brought home a brand new batch of fluffy baby chicks. There were six of them in all, five Easter Eggers and one Blue Laced Red Wyandotte. We knew from prior experience that the best way to raise chicks is to let a broody hen do all the work while we sit back and relax. Chicks raised…

A Scary Moment in Chickendom

Patio Raptors The Barn

A scary moment in chickendom

One of our new chicks came very close to dying today. If I hadn’t been paying attention or had decided to walk away after feeding them instead of watching them, she wouldn’t be here. It’s amazing how just one moment can mean life or death, and when you’re raising livestock, you witness these moments more than you’d like to. Our…