Chickens in the Snow

Patio Raptors The Coop

A wintery photo series from ImaginAcres

Upstate New York has been positively dumped on by snow clouds this week. The chickens have been cooped up for over a week and were starting to get mighty bored. I bought them a flock block, which helped to keep them from picking on each other. They still needed a bit of recreation and fresh air. Chickens are not very…

Needle Felting a Chicken: The Dee Dee Effigy

The Woolery

Dee Dee, a needle felted chicken effigy

When I was student teaching, preparing to become an art teacher, my lead teacher was showing me her abundance of crazy art supplies. She was haphazardly pulling out boxes and bags, excitedly peering into each one and imagining what her students could do with the contents. She climbed on top of a desk and was handing me boxes and bags…

Nuts and Bolting at the Hardware Store

The Studio

Nuts and Bolting at the Hardware Store

When you’re a homesteading artist, trips to the hardware store are an adventure. There has never been an occasion when I have gone to the hardware store and not totally and utterly confused the staff. They just can’t seem to wrap their brains around why I’m doing the things I’m doing.  Let me explain… The following stories are, unfortunately, very true. Bee story Last…

Finding Center

The Coop The Studio The Woolery

Finding Center | ImaginAcres

Dear Friends, I apologize for my lack of presence lately. December was… well… insane. Too much stress. Too much candy. Too much hyperactivity in my students caused by too much candy. Too much everything. It’s a time for gluttony and full schedules. Those full schedules kept me from this place that I love… connecting with all of you. I’m not…

Dreaming of Springtime and Maple Syrup

Forage The Garden

Making maple syrup

Looking outside, into the wintery landscape, filled to the brim with snow and cold, it’s easy to slip into daydreams about springtime. These days, I oftentimes find myself scanning Pinterest for garden designs, and lost in thought over tiny chicks beginning their lives under their fluffy mommas. Most of all, I’m looking forward to that very first spring time activity, tapping…

How to Make Butter: A Visual Guide

Homemade Basics The Bakery

How to Make Butter

The very first time I made butter I searched through seemingly endless websites and blogs that all droned on about the butter making process. Why? I wondered… why doesn’t someone make an easy to read, simple guide on butter making? After all, making butter is one of the simplest things in the world, why must the instructions be so complicated?  Well,…

Always Count Your Chickens

Patio Raptors The Coop

Always count your chickens. An Important lesson learned the hard way

I always count the chickens before I shut the door for bed. Always. They’re always all there. Always. I don’t know what happened. Last night I didn’t count the chickens. I glanced into the coop and it looked like they were all there, so I shut the door and locked it. Perhaps I was feeling lazy, maybe the complete lack…

The Great Chicken Caper

Patio Raptors The Coop

The Great Chicken Caper | ImaginAcres

I didn’t want to leave her outside. I wanted her to join the rest of her chicken family and get in the damn coop before I closed the door. But she wouldn’t listen. Chickens always think they know best. I had let the flock out to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air for a few hours before I had to…

The Ultimate Homemade Holiday: The Best DIY Gift Ideas


The Ultimate Homemade Holiday: Your Guide to 100+ Amazing Homemade Gifts!

We’re pretty crafty folks. My husband is an artist, and I’m a tad obsessed with knitting and getting messy with my art supplies. Lucky for us, many of our family members asked for handmade gifts this year! Nothing says love like a handmade gift. In the spirit of upcoming holidays we’ve decided to put together a list of our favorite…