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art meets farm

ImaginAcres is where art meets farm!

Join us on our journey toward a simpler, self-sufficient life on our ten acre woodland farm.

Learn with us as we share stories of our successes- and our failures.

Come share in our enchantment, through tales and creations, come join our woodsy art farm!

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Whimsical Ceramics

We love the combination of art and function, and you can see it in our fun ceramic kitchen and house wares!

Check out what we're up to in our studio!

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Farm Critters

We love animals, and we have a lot of them! Read all about the critters we keep here at ImaginAcres.

Read the stories about our chickens, ducks, and rabbits!

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Food Forest

We're striving to turn our ten acres of woods into a thriving permaculture-driven food forest.

From foraging to tree tapping and gardening, read all about it here!

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