Incubator versus Broody Hen: Chick Hatching Pros and Cons

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chick feet

It’s officially Spring time (though it may not feel like it where you live) and baby animals are popping up all over the place.  If you raise chickens you may find yourself itching for some brand new peeping babies this time of year. Hatching chicks at home is an experience like no other.  It’s not often that the opportunity arises…

Chicken Breed Characteristics and How ours are Freaks of Nature

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dominique chicken

Much like dogs, different chicken breeds have very different personalities and specific characteristics.  For most of the chickens on the planet, these characteristics are accurate.  For our flock, they’re ridiculously inaccurate.  To a point of being comical. Let me explain.  I’m going to go through the breeds we have on our mini farm, and explain the way they’re supposed to…

First Outdoor Adventure for the Chicks

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So. I made a huge mistake. I thought it would be a good idea to let Mokey and her little babies out for a romp in the fresh air and sunshine.  The rest of the flock was out prancing through the yard and I figured she’d want to be out there too. Just for some back-story into this terrible decision:…

Meet the Chicks!

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Easter Egger chicks

Ahhhh… it’s so very nice to have chicks peeping away in my bathroom again. …I just realized how easily misconstrued that statement could be for someone who found this blog while searching for human chicks… Anyway. We have eleven new chicklets that have joined our little urban farm.  Six of them are only here temporarily, as they’ll be heading to…

This Week, at ImaginAcres



We have had a very good week here at ImaginAcres, with a few exciting new developments to share with you all! I received an e-mail from Craftsy this week asking me to be a writer for their new garden blog! What do you think I said?  Absolutely!! I’ll be starting that job next week and will of course be sharing…

Life Ends, Life Begins

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I walked out into the coop this week to find one of our leghorns in bad shape.  She was roosting very early in the evening when all the rest of the birds were still underfoot squawking away.  Recognizing this as strange behavior I took a closer look at her and saw that she had a prolapsed vent and had soiled…

Spring is Springing!



It’s been a very long and very grueling Winter, and this is coming from someone who loves winter.  I love the snow, the cold, the cuddles under warm blankets with big mugs of coffee.  It’s a time of rest, to read good books and eat hot soups. The only thing I don’t love about winter is how long it lasts. …

Ten Tips for Photographing Chickens

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Taking great photos is an art, but it’s also a practice.  If you’ve been admiring the photos here on ImaginAcres and wondering to yourself: why can’t I take photos like that?  Well, wonder no more! I’m going to tell you exactly how I capture the personality and beauty of our feathered friends.  In this article I’ll reveal my secrets and tell…

Sourdough Promises

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Dear Sourdough Starter, Consider this a new start for us.  Things will be better from here on out. I know we’ve had our problems in the past.  I’ve treated you badly, I’ve wronged you so many times.  Our relationship has been one of horrid neglect, hunger pangs, and mold. I’ve starved you, dropped you, fed you to the compost monster,…

Meet Dee Dee – The Socialite

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Dee Dee

Welcome to another issue of Meet the Chickens! Today I’ll be introducing you to Dee Dee, one of our Dominiques.  She’s my all time favorite chicken (don’t tell the others) and is quite a character! Dee Dee has always been our friendliest little lady.  When she was a baby, she would run up to me chirping and flapping her wings every time…